BiKASE SuperBand

$ 20.00

Every now and then you want to carry stuff on your bike and not in your pockets, in a bag or balancing on your head. Here's where this lil' gem comes in especially handy.

The SuperBand is designed to hold items like a smartphone, sunglasses, a packable windbreaker, energy bars, a water bottle, or anything else you may want or need on your ride.

Using a two-part construction of a rigid frame and bands made of highly-engineered rubber compounds, the SuperBand installs without tools and stretches to keep all sorts of shapes & sizes snugly fit against your frame, stem, seatpost or handlebar. It can also be installed to existing water bottle cage mounts using screws.

• super easy to use - a baby monkey could probably do it!

• holds stuff up to 3" in diameter

• color: black


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