Alchemy Lube & Lock spoke prep


Alchemy Lube & Lock is the ultimate magic sauce behind all our in-house wheel builds. 

It works as both a lube and a mild thread locker, allowing for a smooth trouble-free build and helps keep spoke nipples from vibrating loose. Once fully cured, the breakable bond is also self-healing so future truing and maintenance of your wheels will not be an issue.


🔧 Pro tip: For best results, wait at least 12 hours for Lube & Lock to cure before riding freshly-built wheels.

• top-secret formula

• sold in cute lil' 1.5g jars (one jar is enough to build two 32h wheels)

1. Make sure that the spoke threads are clean and free of oil. Seriously, this is important!

2. Stir Lube & Lock with a small flat head screwdriver and smear some onto the edge of a glossy business card.

3. Roll the spoke threads through the compound, lightly coating the threads. If building two wheels, prep the spokes for one wheel at a time.

4. Play any (or all) of the first six Black Sabbath records. Loud. 99.99999% of the wheels we build are done while listening to Sabbath and we firmly believe this is a very important step when building good wheels.

5. Complete your wheel build before the stuff dries (this takes a couple of hours so no huge need to hurry).

6. Pat yourself on the back for doing shit right.


All the cool kids are doing it. You want to be cool, right?