Abus Granit Plus 640 Mini lock

$ 80.00 $ 99.99

Abus brings an efficient, high-tech approach and advanced engineering to the lock market, creating U-locks that offer excellent security while keeping the weight down.

The Granit 640 Plus is great for messengers or commuters in high theft risk areas where added security is crucial, without added weight or size to your lock.

• 6" x 12mm round special hardened steel shackle

• very intensive use of special weight-optimized alloy and light material

• four locking points offer increased security and greater protection from cutting

• flat locking bolt provides extreme resistance to torsion and twisting attacks

• spring-loaded ball locking mechanism for enhanced locking comfort

• Abus Plus cylinder for high picking protection (250,000 key differs)

• two keys (1x LED-lighted) and Code Card for replacement and/or keyed alike option

soft grip lock body for frame protection

• automatic keyhole cover to keep contaminants out

• overall length: 8"

• security level: 12

• weight: 900g


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