While our primary focus is fixed gear & track cycling, we do offer expert service and repair of other bicycles (and if we can't do it, we'll refer you to a friendly shop nearby who can).

We also provide custom wheel building and repair.




    For repairs or service requiring a little more attention than changing a flat tire or making simple adjustments, the shop labor rate is $60/hour ($1 per minute) and we bill everything based on actual time spent working on your bike.

    Bring your bike in and tell us what trouble you're having or what it needs. We will assess it on the spot, tell you roughly how long it’s going to take, whether any parts are needed and give you a written estimate. If - once we begin working on your bike - any additional service or parts are needed, we'll contact you to discuss available options and will never tack on extras without your knowledge or permission.

    Turnaround time is typically within a few days and in some cases, a few hours.

    Please note that it is often required for a bike needing repairs that will take more than a few minutes to be dropped off and picked up at a later time or date. This is standard practice at any bike shop.



    Building complete bikes for our customers is one of our favorite things to do!

    Come on in, pick out a frame and let's talk about parts. If you're unsure of just what you're looking for, need or which parts go (or don't go) together, we will gladly share our expertise and ensure the bike you end up with will suit both you and your wallet perfectly.



    While not exactly a lost art, many shops don't offer custom wheel building or when they do, they expect you to pay an arm and a leg for sub-par work.

    Most places would much rather order you a machine-built wheel from a catalog than take the time to roll up their sleeves and build it by hand to your specs. For most applications, these pre-built wheels are perfectly fine and our distributors offer a wide range of available options. We are not against simply ordering new wheels for you (and will true/tension them by hand at no additional charge before sending them out the door) but if you are looking for something very specific, nothing beats custom wheels built from start to finish by experienced human hands.

    Wheel build labor typically runs around $50-65 per wheel (you can keep your arms and legs).


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