Panaracer GravelKing tire

$ 49.99

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The GravelKing is a badass, high performance tire that can handle a wide variety of conditions and terrain, on or off road.

Natural rubber, a bead-to-bead ProTite puncture protection belt, and a special 126tpi casing for low rolling resistance make this tire suitable for just about anything.

Available with black or classic brown sidewalls.


⚠️ The actual width of these tires can vary by 6mm or more depending on inner rim width and inflation pressure. They also tend to "grow" a little over time at high psi as the casing stretches.

• 700c clincher

• ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) natural rubber compound provides consistent performance through a wide range of temperatures and wears well

• tubeless compatible

• folding bead

• sizes: 23, 26, 28, 32mm

• color: black, black w/ brown sidewall

• weight: 240g (26mm)

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