Nitto Pearl quill stem

$ 95.00

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The Pearl is a strong, cold-forged aluminum quill stem that is hand made in Japan and features classic design, a beautiful polished anodized finish, and is available in silver or black with either a 25.4mm or 26.0mm clamp.

Silver 25.4mm version is NJS stamped (80-110mm only).


Unlike many other quill stems, Nitto Pearl reach is measured from center to center along the side of the stem instead of from above, resulting in approximately 7-8mm extra length (example: a "90mm" Pearl stem's extension will measure closer to 98mm).

• 22.2mm quill

• clamp: 25.4 or 26.0mm

• angle: 71°

• extension: 60-120mm

• quill length: 150mm

• max height: 70mm (min. insertion line to center of extension)

• colors: silver, black


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