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Sapim Laser spokes

$0.85 - $1.10

Sapim's super light butted spokes have two major benefits - less weight and more strength. Technological advances using cold forging "stretch" the spoke, retaining the linear molecular structure of the material and increasing the spoke strength at the middle by at least 48%.

• 2.0/1.5/2.0mm butted

• weight : 279g (64 x 260mm)

• black or silver

• available lengths: 229-301mm (odd lengths only)

• nipples not included

A very accurate, easy to use spoke calculator can be found here.

(Please attach a note with your payment specifying which length spokes you need.)

*Price shown is for one spoke - please update total number of spokes needed in cart before checking out. In most cases, spokes are ordered as needed from our supplier, which typically take 2-3 days to arrive here before being sent out. Spokes and nipples are NOT returnable!