MKS GR-10 pedals

$45.00 - $55.00

New for 2013, the GR-10 is the love child of the tried & true GR-9 and the Urban Platform. Perfect for those with feet just a little too wide for GR-9s and destined to be our best selling pedal once the word gets out!

• platform top measures 75mm wide x 87mm front to back (GR-9 is 70 x 78mm).

• designed for maximum comfort when used with soft-soled shoes

• contoured shape for cornering clearance

• for use with toe clips and straps

• colors: silver, black, copper

*Because the distance from the spindle to the front of the pedal is bigger on GR-10s than on a standard size track pedal, it's usually a good idea to size down when choosing clips!